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American Idiot

Wig & Makeup Design

The Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts


Director: Lara Teeter
Costume Design: Tiana Osborne
Scenic Design: Lily Tomasic
Lighting Design: Greyson Norris
Sound Design: Katelyn Gillette
Projections Design: Spencer Roe-Weaver

Stage Manager: Sammie Haas
Photography: Phillip Hamer and Andrew Sanker

The concept behind this production was to create a world of punk and circus with inspiration ranging from the original punk movement to modern day.

I took a lot of inspiration from Green Day in the 90's and 00's, as well as all of the queer artistry that is intertwined with the punk movement. I loved being able to create a colorful DIY aesthetic that enabled the expression of everyones individuality throughout this sizable ensemble. We got to have fun with temporary tattoos, unpolished makeup, vibrant colors, and pushing gender expression. I could talk about this show forever.

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