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Mac Beth
Hair & Makeup Design

The Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts


Director: Victoria Chauvin

Scenic Design: E. Pope

Costume Design: London Bicknell

Lighting Design: Madeleine Reid

Sound Design: Savannah Jade Gipson

Stage Manager: Luke Esola

Photography: Phillip Hamer

This retelling of the classic story through the lens of teenage girls demanded the simplicity of the average high school student, while still acknowledging the roles the girls are playing and the dark ending they are leading up to.

For this production I went subtle and as realistic (but still stage presentable) as I could. I felt the impact of this story was most effective with the look of every day high school students rather than the typical polish we see in high school focused media. These girls are meant to look how they actually would at the end of a school day. The one true challenge of this production was the decapitated head effect. In collaboration with the props artisan Lily Tomasic, we purchased a realistic looking head prop and customized it to look like our actor. With the help of my crew we created eyebrows, altered a wig to attach, and painted the head to look more life like and resemble our actor.

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