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Wig and Makeup Crew


The Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts


Wig and Makeup Design: Bekah Toone

Director: Jess Shoemaker

Scenic Design: Machaela Brock

Costume Design: Zoie Cox

Lighting Design: Erin Riley

Sound Design: Victoria Esquivel

Technical Direction: Bobby Julga


For this production I altered and styled 2 wigs for the characters Astolfo (on the left) and Basilio (on the right). Basilio needed a big fluffy wig to match the character's big personality. After a minor hairline alteration and lots of tinsel was tied in, another wig was sewn on top and stuffed to fulfill the design inspiration. Astolfo's wig also received a hairline alteration and fanciful period styling.

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